Sunday, December 14, 2008

December's Bounty

As I write this post, it is dark with rain outside. We went to Wilder Ranch for a run this morning. As I ran along the bluffs, the darkness over the ocean moved closer and finally let loose halfway through my trek. I was drenched when I returned to the car but, man alive, I LOVE running in the rain! There is something about being out in the elements that makes me feel so alive. Skiing in white out conditions, hiking in the blazing heat and trail running in the rain all bring that excitement.

Generally speaking, I don't plan to have those experiences. But, if I'm willing to head out, prepared for the possibility, then so be it. Besides, all week it's been pleasant, sunny and mild. The flowers in the garden continue to blossom and the lettuce seeds I planted are happily sprouting. Ski season approaches and we need some water!

The trail I ran on along the bluffs had tire tracks which provided a soft, dirt surface. The space in between the tracks was green with grass. Along this trail, an alcove juts into the bluff. To continue on the trail, I had to go down to the beach and climb the trail back up to the bluff top on the other side of the alcove. There I found the tracks completely covered in grass with gopher holes everywhere. I continued for about half a mile before I d
ecided running in a pasture wasn't what I had in mind. By the time I got back to the tire tracks, they had puddled up and I ran over 2 miles in water. I thought about how cool it was to have an excuse to stomp in puddles.

Returning home, I took a peek at the lettuce plants, glowing bright green in the rainy darkness. I'll need to separate the plants in the coming week. If they manage to reach maturity, I'll be peddling lettuce to my neighbors in January. I also have some carrots out there. Right now they look like two rows of grass. I've never grown carrots before but my partner says that's what they should look like.

While the Begonias have expired, the azalea bushes are going wild. The Mexican Sage, so prevalent in these parts, offers food for the hummingbirds that don't migrate to warmer climes. All around the neighborhood, homes adorned with Christmas lights also have yards blooming with plant growth. On my run, fat little birds bathed in puddles as I ran by and the ranch cows preferred to stand in the rain rather than take shelter; all of us enjoying the bounty December has brought.

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