Sunday, February 15, 2009

Holiday Break from Running

December 24, 2008.

The man is getting the children all snug in their beds and I'm taking a moment to read a few blogs and post a quickie update. The read made me feel a little better.

Oh, I know I can lose my conditioning. But am I at all provoked to tear myself from the hand mixer, sprinkles and chopped nuts? Can I blame my lack of enthusiasm to get on th
e treadmill on the holidays? Or that I'd rather play air hockey, search for newts and lizards, or hang out at the Santa Cruz Wharf? I did 2 miles a couple of days ago and did manage a strength training.

Yesterday, we walked the Redwood Grove Trail at Henry Cowell with the kids. We were in search of banana slugs and counted 17 before we got to the hotel suite; a large redwood whose cavernous trunk had been available as a hotel room many years ago. We ran from that point to the Visitor's Center. After making prints of animal tracks and learning about the local wild life at the Center, we ran to the entrance of the park.
The young 'uns left me in the dust. We're supposed to do a 6.8 miler New Years Day (if the rain stops)...but I'm wondering, will I remember how?

And then, I think... maybe this is my rest. Time for the body to heal a little and prepare for the year ahead. I have a lot planned and still have some thinking to do about goals for 2009. In the meantime, I'll have another Pecan Butter Ball. Yum!

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