Monday, March 9, 2009

I decided that instead of moping about job hunting, I was going to make the most of our yard and get a full-on veggie patch going. After pulling some weeds and outlining a planting plan, I came in and talked to my partner. In a flash, we were out there turning over soil. We put in a couple of hours and continued Saturday when we got home from a 5k in Union City.

The weather in Union City was perfect, the gravel trail along the levee was scenic enough. There were only 37 participants. I got up late, didn't want to go, didn't get enough warm up time and performed poorly. It was great to get out and get some exercise even though it didn't seem much like a workout. I ran another half mile to cool down, walked, did some stretches and then we were on the road.

Back at the house, I started to tear out some of the succulent in the front yard that was too leggy while my partner amended the soil and turned the compost heaps. I sprinkled some wildflower seeds in the areas we won't plant veggies and put some sweet pea seeds along the fence. What a day!

Sunday, my brother and his family came over for a stroll in the redwood grove and dinner. We've hiked and camped many times over the years but the redwood grove loop at Henry Cowell was perfect for the little ones. We spotted a few deer, some banana slugs, squirrels and heard lots of song birds. The puddles were just about dried up so we were able to go inside the hotel tree. (Mental note: next time bring flashlight). There's a redwood that had been hollowed out and used as a room with a bed, wood-burning stove, bookshelf and other accoutrements. After a stop in the Visitor's Center, we walked over to Roaring Camp. The kids love trains, so we climbed on the cars and sat on a wagon car by the duck pond and munched on snacks in the warmth of the sun.

Dinner was baked spaghetti squash with sauteed kale on the side. I baked the squash, scraped the meat into a baking dish, mixed in some Parmesan cheese, covered it with a nice layer of home-made spaghetti sauce, a thick layer of grated cheese and baked it for 30 minutes. It was really yummy.

Monday, I planted starters for the garden; tomatoes, marigolds, nasturtium and spearmint. Once these are in the ground, I'll start bush beans, summer squash and herbs. I'm going to start two bush beans and two tomatoes and start two more in about two weeks so we're not over run with them. When we moved in last fall we had more tomatoes then I knew what to do with until I learned how to freeze them. We had fresh tomatoes for our spaghetti and enchilada sauces into January! After we harvest the lettuce and carrots, we'll plant a Three Sisters garden with beans, corn and pumpkins.

Just got back from a short run around the track (my first attempt at running in the morning before school starts - got to get there earlier, ugh) followed by a walk around the neighborhood. It's a little brisk but sunny, great weather for spring chores. Gotta put the seedlings on the porch and get to work on my California Dream!

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