Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Keepin' My Head Above Water

In so many ways...

The rain keeps coming. This is my first winter in the Santa Cruz Mountains and it is wet. The river at Henry Cowell is flowing strongly. The grass in our yard is soggy. The sun peeps through the clouds a few times a day, and even then, it can be raining.

On the up side, it looks like spring. The red buds and other flowering trees are in bloom. I was sweeping oak leaves off our front porch and got a whiff of thick perfume. Following my nose, I was lead to a bush practically tucked under the porch (we rent, so I have no idea what will bloom). I have since learned it is a Daphne of some sort. The leaves and petals are thick and the flowers are tiny but the fragrance is heady and profuse.

We also have some grape hyacinth blooming in the boxes on the porch. They add a touch of purple to the mostly red and pink flowers in the yard. They have a light, lovely scent that can be experienced up close so it's a good thing they're up on the railing, otherwise, I'd miss it.

The garden is coming long, albeit, slowly. The sun came out for a few days some time back and the lettuce perked right up. At the rate it's growing, I guess we'll have lettuce in April. Better late then never.

The rain has kept me from spending much time outside. I run on the treadmill once in a while and walk in light rain but mostly, I have been spending more time reading, reflecting, searching the internet, reading about running and sending out resumes. As far as the resumes go, I know in my heart I will find the right opportunity, it's just going to take time. Like many other people, I have been here before, having been laid-off in 2003 and unemployed for over a year.

A few days ago, I went to Henry Cowell for a walk in intermittent rain. The redwood grove was nice. The moss is bright green, ferns cover the ground and the little creeks are gurgling. It's the perfect time to spot salamanders and newts and, indeed, we found a couple.

The arboreal salamander was under our trash bin and the rough skinned newt (just eating the tail could kill a person!) was at Henry Cowell. I also saw a white-tailed kite hunting over the pasture at the entrance of the park. Simply writing about these things seems to be lifting my spirits, hmmm, guess I should do it more often:)

It hasn't rained for a few hours now and there is more sunshine breaking through then we've seen in a few days. I'm planning to go to the track and get in a workout. I'm hoping it doesn't rain until after I get started. Getting started in the rain has been harder but once I'm going, let it fall! After all, it is winter in California.

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