Thursday, April 9, 2009


April 1 we went to the Presidio10 - 10k & 10 Mile race across the Golden Gate Bridge. I didn't run the race, I'm not doing 10k until I can do it without walking...shooting for June. I went with my partner since I'm not one to pass up an opportunity to go somewhere I haven't been.

The morning was brisk but the sun rose in a bright blue sky and the weather was stellar.
The race ended and started at Chrissy Field in the Presidio of San Francisco. As I walked/jogged the course to get pics, I saw lots of trail signs and made a mental note to come back for a hike sometime. I got this shot of the Golden Gate with my phone; it's the perfect phone wallpaper.

I've wanted to walk the bridge for years. I guess the Human League put the idea in my head back in 1980-something. It's 1.2 miles across. I walked about 1/4 mile before I turned around to meet the front of the packers on the other side but not before I took in the coast and played photographer for the stragglers who brought cameras on the run.

My partner was close to the front of the pack so it was fun to see him up there on the bridge. While I waited for him to pass, I directed runners at the hairpin turn just off the bridge. It was poorly marked and a few runners headed up the path under the bridge. After shouting out to them and rearranging some cones to define the turn more clearly, I jogged back to Chrissy Field to find him. He was in line for a beverage after coming first in his age group; he was Grand Master and, boy, did he rake in the bootie.

After a few beers, some food, camaraderie, cheering some of the finishers and watching the award ceremony, we took a stroll down the beach past the multiplying hordes out for a stroll, bike ride, run or dog walk. People were fishing off the pier and the shore. It was a perfect day in San Francisco.

We entered the courtyard of Fort Point located at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. The brick structure is well preserved and has winding staircases, rooms entering into rooms, turrets and artifacts. The rooms are big and bright and the place feels solid and strong. There weren't many people around as we wandered the large edifice. Most of the space we explored was empty but there was a bedroom and an office with furniture and accessories. On the top of the building, we clambered on the old gun mounts, taking in the view around the bay and under the bridge.

On the way back to Chrissy Field, we marveled at the throngs out enjoying the day, the beauty of the environment and the blush of purple in the marsh as wildflowers bloomed. The tents were the only signs left of the race earlier that morning. We returned to our car, fulfilled by the events of the morning, and went to Russian Ridge for a wildflower hike.

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