Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As I mentioned, we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium a few weeks ago to see the new seahorse exhibit. I've been to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, the National Aquarium in Baltimore (really cool!), several aquatic parks in Florida and I'm confident in saying, there has been nothing like this, anywhere, before.

I trailed far behind our group and did not make it half way through the exhibit, it was so mesmerizing (we purchased a family membership, so I'll be back). I took many photos but lighting conditions and glass made it difficult to get great shots. I managed to salvage a few decent pics to post, to provide a glimpse of the unique and mysterious collection on display until 2012!

The above photo is of the Pacific Seahorse which is found south of Los Angeles all the way down to Peru. It's a fairly large specimen, measuring in at 12" unfurled. Who knew we had seahorses on the west coast, even if for just a meager stretch?

The other photos are of much more exotic species; weedy and leafy sea dragons. I saw them in a nature program on television years ago, but watching them move in a tank was hypnotizing. Unlike many other beautiful fish, they don't zip around. Instead, they float about, propelling themselves with tiny fins.
In fact, I left the exhibit feeling so relaxed, I was certain that the purpose of seahorses and sea dragons on Earth was to bring us momentary relief or respite; to calm us.

And a funny thing happened while I was viewing a dome-shaped enclosure of seahorses. A tot pushed me to the side, not only to view the seahorses, but she had decided she had to share her Sponge Bob candy pellets with me which prompted her brother to also share his. My horoscope said I would receive a non-life altering windfall, I guess that was it:)

While I've not been posting, I've been at my niece's b-day party, running the Big Sur 5k (and a couple of others), enjoying the blooming honeysuckle that has replaced the wisteria in our yard and marveling in the crazy weather. Today, the weather is warm and humid. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Whatever it is, bring it, I say!

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