Saturday, June 27, 2009

W. Cliff Drive

In our efforts to do more cross-training, we've been walking quite a bit. We usually walk in the neighborhood, at Henry Cowell or hike at Wilder Ranch. The past couple of weekends, we've parked near the entrance to Natural Bridges and walked along W.Cliff Drive to the Boardwalk and back.

On one trip we went on a few rides and had a veggie burger at our favorite place on the pier, Andy's End of the Wharf. We returned to the car at dusk having enjoyed a lovely sunset over the roof tops of the beautiful homes on the drive.

I took this pic with my phone just before we reached the end of our walk. It was just about dark, so it's blurry, you get the idea.

This w
alk is so picturesque; people from all over the world, locals walking their dogs, colorful gardens, thick clouds of jasmine in the air, children on skates, musicians, cyclists, surfers, the homeless, the partiers, they're all there. The scenery is magnificent and the microclimates varied at every turn on the road. Dolphins, sea otters, the light house, sea lions, birds, tide pools, the Boardwalk...ahh, Santa Cruz...ya gotta love it!

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