Thursday, July 16, 2009

Road trip - Part III

We arrived at Six Flags just about opening time. It was already warm and sunny so the kids were covered with sunblock and we headed for the tram stop. Maybe it was due to the economy, maybe it was because it was a weekday, maybe most people went to the water park, whatever it was, the lines for the rides were so short, we rode on some multiple times before moving to the next.

We started easy with the carousel and then took the tram up the hill a
nd rode the first roller coaster of the day, the Goldrusher. We did that three times. After that it was a mad rush; Tidal Wave, Grinder Gearworks (we used to call it Roundup), Riddler's Revenge (coaster), Batman, a stop at the petting zoo, Sierra Falls (a raft ride in a tube in the Looney Tunes was fun!) and Log Jammer. Alex managed to do a couple of other coasters as my partner and I shared ride duties. By 3:00 pm, we had done one large loop of the park. It was getting hot and we were hungry so we went back to the hotel for lunch and a dip in the pool.

When we returned at about 5:30, we started with five rides on the Ninja (coaster) followed by Roaring Rapids. While we got wet, it was really fun to watch the other folks on our raft get drenched! Next was Terminator Salvation. The line was the worst, about 40 mins. The roller coaster was good but we couldn't afford to do it again. We later learned it was a new ride, hence the crowd.

We did Colossus a couple of times. During the ride, I looked over
at the little one; her jaw was clenched and she was sitting upright as she gripped the bar. After the ride, I asked her how she was and she said, "I want my mommy" followed by, "I want to do it again!" Definitely the best wooden roller coaster I've ever experienced.

Chair swings, called Swashbuckler and the pirate ship called Buccaneer were easy on and off rides. We ran over to the Looney Tunes area to see if Sierra Falls was still open. It wasn't. Then we decided to separate to complete our missions; Alex wanted to go on another roller coaster and Claire had other ideas. Both of them were fading so we had to move fast. Alex and I did Riddler's Revenge and the Batman ride again. With 25 minutes to go, we stood between X2 and Viper. We decided on Viper. There was absolutely no line and it was absolutely crazy. We passed on a second ride. Then we stood in line for the X2 until we rounded a corner and saw about 200 people in front of us. We bailed. Earlier in the evening, we had decided that the Tower would be our last ride; it was closed. At this point, 10 minutes before closing, the kids decided that was it (!?!?!).

Phew! What a day. It was really fun. Minor meltdown before return to hotel but otherwise, all was well. Oh, we bought one souvenir cup that was refillable. We had unlimited Powerade, lemonade, pink lemonade and 7-up all day. That was the best idea ever!

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